Saturday, 2 January 2016

I was all set... watch the New Year fireworks on the TV.

However, I fell asleep and would have missed the countdown if folk a few houses away from me hadn't started their fireworks a bit early. Some huge explosions and I was awake - just as the 'bongs' started...

...I so love huge firework displays like this but there is no way I would have trekked up to London to battle with the crowds when I had a birds-eye view from the sofa.

The weather this New Year's eve wasn't great - plenty of rain - but folk still seemed determined to see in the New Year with loads of bangs & crashes. Now that always meant grabbing some pots & pans and going out into the street as midnight chimed. The pots & pans were clanged making a huge row and everyone yelled "Happy New Year" to their neighbours. Folk don't tend to do that these days. They seem to prefer letting off very noisy fireworks that seem to consist of lots of 'bang' but not much 'twinkle'.

I live close to the river Thames and usually there are boat horns sounding on the river but either the wind was blowing in the wrong direction or it didn't happen this year - shame.

Things seem to have changed so much.

Do folk still "first foot" ? It is something that I can remember my parents & their neighbours doing but I don't recall it happening since I've been an adult. Are we forgetting the traditions that always went with 'seeing out the old & welcoming the new' ?

Do you still keep traditions linked with the start of a New Year - I would love to hear what you do..............................................................


Sandra said...

Happy new year Toni. We were at the little house to see the new year in and a few of the boats sounded their horns.

Sadly, some people are still letting of fireworks and the bears are going nuts

Marianne's Craftroom said...

We had a great night out for a change, usually stay home. Got home in time to see the fireworks, brilliant.

Redanne said...

I can remember first footing with a lump of coal too, but have not seen it done for many years now. I watched the fireworks on TV though and thought they were the best ever. I did think they would work a spaceman into the routine to celebrate Tim Peake, so was just a little disappointed. Watching Bryan Adams was pretty good though! Anne x

Lynn Stevens said...

Happy New Year Toni, I've never heard of first footing, but we used to hit pots and pans together, I'l never forget the year my sister and I destroyed a set in doing so, oops!
This year we baby sat our Grand babies, pure Bliss!
Hugs Lynn