Monday, 29 January 2007

Eek, I've been tagged...

This Moment: Ready for work.
Your Shoes: Off.
Craving: Another cup of coffee.
The State of Your Home: Secure.
Annoyed By: Thought of having to go to work - Monday morning blues.
In The Background: Traffic outside.
Really Want To: Go back to bed
Thinking About: All the changes going on at work.
Smelling: Mixture of my coffee and that new puffing 'spiced apple' air-freshner.
Nearest Scrapbooking Product: AMM tote.
Don't Ever Want To: Stop enjoying crafts.
Your Eyes: Tired
The Weather: Cold
Have Never Tried: Sky-diving and never will.
Think Everyone Should Try: To do something nice for someone else.
Last Holiday Destination: Caister.
Best Thing You Did Today: Check my blog (pleeeeease, it is early)
The Last Thing You Had to Drink: Cup of coffee
Your Bad Habit: Not washing my car very often.
What You're Going To Do Now: Clean my teeth and go to work :o(

I hope that I'm doing this right - never been tagged before. As Nic has tagged Sharon & Caroline (and Me!!!) I'm wondering who I should go for??? I think I'll have to tag Zulieka, Joanne & Donna. Have fun...!!!

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