Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Scrap night has restarted...yay, go scrappers, go scrappers (sorry, have been suffering withdrawal symptoms for the last couple of weeks).

Tuesday nights are spent at a friend's house scrapping, chatting, swigging tea (and the odd red wine...) and generally putting the world to rights. Normally, four or five of us gather at Diane's and we share suggestions, give encouragement and occasionally we are quite productive (I did say, occasionally...LOL).

Well, I was late - British Rail at it's best, yet again (don't get me started - see yesterday's posting to get the gist...). As I pulled up outside I was surprised to find I was the first to arrive.

Poor Diane has a grotty cold but it's Tuesday night, so scrap we did - just the two of us...! One lady is currently off in warmer clims, and the other two - well I think they must be hibernating. By twenty past the hour it was clear that no-one else was going to arrive so the kettle went on and we got stuck in.

Nicola (Clarke) set me a challenge just before Christmas and I have been fiddling with it off & on but getting nowhere...tonight I finally got patterned paper stuck to cardstock (don't faint from the shock Nic) - decided to make it a double LO so it's not finished yet but I know what I what to do and I'm pretty pleased with the way it's going. Diane also had a good 'play'. A family friend had recently purchased the Cricut machine and she had given Diane a selection of die-cuts. A bit of heat-embossing and cutting photos into unusual shapes and her Christmas LO is well on it's way.

Thanks for a lovely evening Diane - it really is great to be back scrapping.....

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Nicola said...

oh does scrapping get you that excited .... yes me to cant wait to see your page and i need to post pictures of the challenge you set me must nick it back from sharon.