Friday, 26 January 2007

It's a MAD world...

Mr Blair and his colleagues have been threatening us with increased taxes on private motoring, air travel, and anything else that can be lumped under the global warming banner in their efforts to make it appear that they are trying to reduce carbon emissions...umm!

Next month sees the extension of the Congestion Charge zone in London - this too is aimed at reducing the number of vehicles clogging the streets of our Capital, pumping out more carbon...

Every which way you turn the message is the same, use public transport, don't make un-necessary journeys, think of the planet...So you can imagine my surprise whilst sitting smuggly on my British Rail conveyance, trying to read my free (re-cycled paper) newspaper, trying hard not to get battered at each station as the next influx of passenges barge past to nab that last seat...when I turn the page to be confronted with an article about overcrowded trains (there's a subject close to my own heart...LOL).

It would appear that a passenger had the nerve to complain to the service provider about the serious overcrowding of the trains on their line. A fair enough comment to make, you would think, nah!!! The service providers response was along the line - if you don't like the crowding, get off.............?????????????? The article went on to say that senior management of this provider had been unavailable for comment - there's a surprise!

With the push to get folk to use public transport you would think that every effort would be made to increase the services to meet the increase in demand but British Rail have admitted that they can't cope with the rising numbers and unless there is a huge input of funding (most likely from increased ticket prices :o< ) crowding is going to continue to be a BIG problem.

Is it any wonder then that some folk would rather sit in the car park (more commonly known as the M25 motorway) each day. At least they are in the comfort of their own vehicle, they can listen to what ever they want (or not, as the case may be), they are not subjected to the crass habits of other, inconsiderate, individuals - other than poor driving - (none of those 'picking, poking, inspecting of bodily parts, to contend with...excuse me whilst I just go and throw-up at the thought) and they can regulate the temperature of their environment - to suit (Toni climbs down from her soapbox...).

Get off? I'd certainly like to tell that individual where he could get off.....................

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