Wednesday, 17 January 2007

You are not seeing double...

...well not quite.

Due to the very kind assistance of Chrissie (Life is Scrap) I was all set to edit my previous posting to show the LOs after she had worked her magic and 'stitched' the bits together so you can see the whole of the pages - no joins (ain't technology amazing).

But I thought I would leave the other pics so that you could see the difference (just a shame about my ability to set out a

I have to tell you that when I read the comment Chrissie left on the last post I was so touched that someone I had only 'met' briefly via the wonders of blogland would offer to help me in this way.

Sorry Chrissie if my posting doesn't do your efforts the justice they deserve but I am trying (yes I know, very trying......:o) !!!) I promise to practice and do better... it's just that everything looks okay until you hit the publish button and then the gremlins take over and things appear in places you just didn't imagine..........

1 comment:

Chrissie said...

Seriously not a problem at all.

Now if you had asked me to HAND SEW the layout together, then you wouldn't have seen me for dust. But digi stitching...pah! Piece of cake!