Thursday, 25 January 2007

It seemed like a good idea... the time.

A few years back, one of the publishers of craft magazines brought out a new cross stitch publication - handbag size. Great for commuting!

I have to own up to the fact that it was not just the convenient size that caught my eye...on the cover of issue one was a pic of an article that appeared inside, and what was that pic? The Professionals - fast cars, lots of smash & bash the bad guys, you know...all that macho stuff but best of all............Lewis Collins :o) or as he was known in the series BODIE (sighhhhhhhh). Whether you remember the series on normal telly or have only seen it on the re-runs on 'Men & Motors' most females who watched it were either fans of Bodie (I quote - tall, dark and beautiful, and engagingly modest...) or Doyle (Martin Shaw of subsequent Judge John Deed, fame).

However, I digress...

In the article, the lady concerned had produced some huge cross stitch pics, about 15x20ins of several of her favourite TV stars by scanning photos and converting to cross stitch charts. She said that she had completed one of the pics in around 3 weeks. Wondering when she managed to eat or sleep (LOL) I thought "I can do that", I thought it might take me a little longer what with the inconvenience of having to pursue a full time job (snort, ha ha) but I had photos, I had a PC and the necessary software, and threads & aida - no probs... That was, ummm, about four years ago and as you can see from the pic I have a way to go >:o

All went swimmingly to start with. A week away with Mum in the May - grotty weather - plenty of stitching got done... Commuting and stitching didn't go as well. Trying to work from a rather large chart using a large number of mono-tone shades (believe it or not, although the scan was of a black & white photo there are no black or white threads used - lots of navy, greens, greys and creams - but no black or white!!!) in the confines of a crowded train just did not work. 3 Weeks to do the whole thing, huh!, I should cocoa....

Still, with effort I got the head more or less completed and that is where I think I really did a wrong'un! The interesting bit was done, who wants to fill in an area approx 12x18ins of fuzzy shrubbery all in mono-tone shades - nah, borrrrrrrrrrrring. I have considered framing it 'as is' and claiming that it is something arty (snigger) but then I get all guilty and feel that I should complete it. So everytime that happens I have another stint of concerted stitching and a bit more gets done. I would say I am over the half-way point now but how much longer it will take...who knows...stick around long enough and one day........................:o)

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Nicola said...

you have done fab i had one made of a picture me and a friend had done of us as showgirls i did not get even nearly a 1/4 way done i am impressed and think you should get doing bits here and there not much more to go.