Saturday, 13 January 2007

I know them...

Isn't it great when you see something in a SB magazine and you suddenly realise you know the person who created it.

It has become one of the first things I do when I get a new mag - flip through to see if there is anyone I know... I have become quite good at picking out Carter (Nicola's eldest) even before I see Nic's name. This month's SB Inspirations was a real treat. Couldn't miss Nic's double page LO as she was actually in the photos but it was a lovely surprise to see work by another lady that I see at the Thursday crops - Zuleika (well actually, I recognised the pic of her boyfriend before I realised it was her work) and not just one LO but 3 !!!. I love visiting her blog as she has taken some stunning photos at gigs.

It's really nice to see things that are 'closer to home', so to speak, it makes things more real...

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Nicola said...

I showed Ty that page and was saying look it's you and he was looking at me then i relaised he was more likely to reconigise me than a new born ... lol

Zu did well i emailed her congrats :) love seeing people i know published.