Thursday, 11 January 2007

Ho Hum...

Remembered the coffee yesterday so all is right with the world (well that bit of it anyway).

Generally a grotty day at work only to be followed by just as grotty-a (is that a word??? - doubt it but I'm sure you get the sense of things...) journey home. Strange thing, British Rail just doesn't seem to be able to cope with the extremes of British weather - just waiting for the snow to arrive at some point this year because it is sure to be the 'wrong sort' !

Am now home, in the warm, checking on everyones blogs to see what exciting things are going on out in the world of 'blog-land'.

The first Artbase crop of the year is this Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it and I've just seen the posting for the Feb crop project so am really glad that I managed to get booked in.

What shall I do now...perhaps another wander through 'blog-land'..........

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