Wednesday, 24 January 2007

S'all gone...

Well that lasted a long time, not! and boy can you tell that the snow has gone - the temperature has fallen considerably (typing pauses as Toni has another cuddle of the coffee cup).

For those of you who have had 'sunny, sunny' days - you don't know what you missed :o)

Apart from concentrating on getting from A to B without any 'Ouch-type' mishaps (LOL), there is nothing quite like snow for making everywhere look fresh & new and MYSTERIOUS... It was like looking at early scenes from the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.

Glad I dashed out with the camera to get some pics because I have a number of class project pages that I just haven't been able to finish because I needed Snowy pictures (there is a limit as to how many times you can use the same Swiss photos before someone comments......tee,hee). Got some lovely shots on the way to the station (if they come out) unfortunately as they are not digital I will have to wait 'til they're processed. Just wish I could have taken some photos from the train as some of the scenery was super but I don't think my little 'happy-snaps' was up to the task and tinted windows don't help...!!!

Coming home this afternoon the view was back to the grotty, usual dirty winter landscape :o(

British rail obviously didn't know about the snow as there were trains, on time trains at that - WOW (I know they didn't know about the snow because no-one had cleared any of it from the platforms). London Underground was a little more clued-up about weather conditions and we had the regular announcements advising us to 'take care as surfaces could become slippery - due to the adverse weather conditions' doh! who would've guessed......

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