Friday, 1 June 2012

Can we forget...

...this week ever happened - Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

To say it has not been a good week would be the understatement of the decade.

Monday - We kicked off with an evening spent in A&E. Mum had complained about a problem with her left eye on the Sunday so I suggested she went to the optician. At 5.30pm I got a call at work from Mum telling me that she had been advised to go to A&E...1.5hrs to get home and pick up the car, 20mins to get to Mum, 20mins to get to hospital...finally got home from dropping Mum back home at around midnight. A&E were not able to find out what the problem was but they had managed to book Mum an appointment to see an optical specialist the following morning.
Tuesday - Lots of unease at work as folks still had a few days to go until they found out who was being moved to a new department. Call from Mum to say that she had a broken blood vessel in her eye and she would be sent an appointment for treatment at our local 'day' clinic but despite what she had been told by the A&E folk the night before, Southend Hospital refused to refund her taxi fare (they did at least arrange transport home for her).
Wednesday - Late running trains full of screaming/yelling kids didn't start the day well. The evening trains weren't much better with folk packed in like sardines.
Thursday - Staff get told who is moving...lots of unhappy people. It also means that I will still be left with a rather large team but the majority will be inexperienced in the work that needs to be maintained.
Friday - The end to a pretty naff week and the rain has arrived.

In an effort to cheer myself up, I had a hop over to Virginia's blog "Celtic House" where each week she holds Rocking my World Friday. So let me see what good things have happened this week...

1. Mum now knows what is wrong with her eye and it can be sorted.
2. For most of the week the weather has been glorious - no having to wear coats.
3. Visitors to the office commented on how wonderful the decorations looked.
4. My blog has a new follower - Hi Lisa, welcome to my little bit of cyberspace...hope you like it enough to stick around for a while.
5. We now have a 4 day weekend to look forward to and it would appear that many crafty places are celebrating by having Jubilee it would be rude not to take advantage of this - wouldn't it.
6. I finally got to ride on the c2c train that has been decorated for the Jubilee - and I took pics...

Okay, so not a huge number of good things this week but at least I found some LOL

Hope you all have a wonderful Jubilee weekend - whatever the weather...............................


Sandra said...

I'm glad to hear at least your mum knows what's wrong. I'm so happy to see a happy spin on your bad week .... Now let's party for the jubilee x

Sam said...

Great that you have joined in with Rocking! Lovely how you found all your positives in a rather hectic week! Hope your mums eye gets better soon.

gillyb's crafting blog said...

gosh your week sounds very much like anormal week for me ! don't ask...............

hope you are feeling much more relaxed this weekend, have a great week ahead too.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Awesome train pictures. I´d looooove to see that one.
Glad the doctors gave you a quick diagnostic and are treating your mom soon. ~quick healing vibes~

Carmen said...

I too am so glad you put a positive spin on a hectic week. Your poor Mum. Hope the week coming is a good one for you.

Joanna said...

Hello fellow Rockette, welcome aboard!

After the week you've had it's brilliant that you've managed to pick out so many positives that you recognise made it better. That's what joining in with Virginia's weekly positive list is all about. Well done!

I hope you enjoy your Bank Holidays :o)

ps get well soon to your mum, x

Virginia said...

Ah bless Toni I'm on mass catch up having arrived home about two hours ago! Your list is great, even in amongst what was obviously a very very difficult week you found the positives. fingers crossed your Mum get's better soon and that people at work get used to the changes ahead - I don't think anyone likes enforced change which makes things like this all the harder.

I hope this last week has been better for you - it has been lovely to find a new Rockette joining in!