Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day...

...has been lucky enough to have beautiful weather.

This weekend was forecast to be very wet & windy but although it has been rather blustery...on the whole it has been lovely.

I hope all the Dad's out there were able to make the most of their special day.

It is days like today when I miss my Dad more. As a crafter I don't get to make him a card that we can share/chuckle over...or take fun family photos...or even just chat to him.

Miss you Dad...lots!!!

My day has been spent with Mum and quite an eventful day it has been too.

I had just arrived and as I made my way into the lounge, Mum went to put something in the bathroom to be greeted by water all over the floor...proceeding towards the hallway a quite a rate. The ballcock in the toilet had stuck and so the water hadn't cut-off after refilling.

Grabbing loads of towels we stopped the water travelling any further and a jiggle with the ballcock stopped any more water flowing. Tiled floors make dealing with things like this sooooooooooo much easier. Lots of mopping and wringing out later we decided to pop out for lunch.

As Mum needed to do some supermarket shopping we went to Morrisons and both opted for the fish & chips (as a bit of a change) - we noticed a sign saying that for today only the "All-day breakfast" was half price up to 4pm as long as 'Dad' was present...Mum chuckled and said she wondered what they would say if we popped home to get her glass paperweight which contains some of Dad's ashes...

When we got back Mum showed me some of the things she had been making during the week. Despite her eyesight still being a bit of a problem she had made quite a few lengths of Japanese braiding and she had also made this...
...a memory wire cuff made from blue glass beads with a silver accent (my photo doesn't do it justice as the light isn't very good). She said it had been a bit of a pain threading the beads onto the wire as she couldn't see the holes but she was quite pleased with the finished item.

The sunlight caught the shades of blue beautifully and I wish I had taken a pic earlier in the day.

It turned out that the cuff was for me - aren't I lucky - thank you Mum......................................


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

*sigh* Joining you in the "missing dad on father´s day" ranks.
What a lovely piece that cuff is! And how lovely of your mom to make it for you. *sweet*

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm with you Toni on missing my dad. Its so hard when their gone. sniff sniff.
But its so nice you spent the day with your mom, What a lovely bracelet she made you.
Hugs Lynn

voodoo vixen said...

Yep, with you on the missing Dad scene too. I love the bead bracelet your Mum made for you, the blue with the silver is perfect. Would she better off with one of those lights with the magnifying glass attached to it? Might make it easier to 'play'?

Debbie said...

The cuff is lovely, what a talented mum! The ballcock incident sounds messy, thank goodness for tiled floors!

Debbie x

Debbie said...

The cuff is lovely, what a talented mum! The ballcock incident sounds messy, thank goodness for tiled floors!

Debbie x