Thursday, 14 June 2012


...what happened there?

I'm still trying out my Distress Markers and thought I would try some of the colour combinations that other folk have been using. It's also the first time that I have used them on watercolouring paper.
I have to admit to a bit of a failure on the first image (the one with the pink top) - the face looks appalling.
I can assure you it actually looked much worse than this but I grabbed my AquaMarker Blender and managed to take back some of the colour. I think I made the paper too wet and didn't let colours dry before adding others...the cloths came out a bit better.
I'm far happier with this image - the skin and hair actually came out how I hoped.

I would say the biggest learning points for me with these two images have been...don't assume that all papers/card stock react in the same way; have a little patience; know when to stop adding colour - there really is a point when 'less is more'.

I really do need to remember that 'watercolouring' is very different from the technique used with Copics............................................

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