Friday, 15 June 2012

Just where are...

...the weeks disappearing to?

To be honest, with all the grotty stuff that is going on at work I think I am wishing the weeks away so that the weekends can arrive more quickly...unfortunately, when time is flying it doesn't differentiate and the weekends pass just as quickly.

I really can't believe it is two weeks since I took part in my first "Rocking Your World Friday" over on Virginia's blog.
I have been 'visiting' most Fridays for quite some time but a pretty awful week prompted me to take part - why? - because the point of the exercise is to look for the positives that have been part of your week.

So with apologies to the rest of Virginia's "Rockers" for completely losing track of time (especially after they welcomed me so nicely) - here is my week...

1. Despite the grotty weather last Saturday, Barleylands was very busy - it was the Garden Show weekend and Farmer's Market. I gave the garden show a miss - for the time being it is as much as I can fit in just trying to keep things tidy (???) let alone plan any planting. The Market was quite busy with lots of lovely edible goodies - I treated myself to the most delish onion loaf mmmmmmmmmm yummy.

2. Pinnacle crafts had the super new "London Line" range and I have been playing with some of the bits during the week (when I could scrape a spare moment or two).

3. After taking Mum shopping on Sunday (she spent a small fortune on the most wonderful beads and other jewellery bits) we had a fabulous lunch at the Harvester.

4. Mum's eye appointment had come through very quickly and she attended on Monday afternoon. The consultant said the eye appeared to be healing nicely (if slowly) and he would prefer not to pursue any other form of treatment if at all possible. He arranged to see her again in 6 weeks with the hope that the healing would be complete...bit of a mixed result - great that the eye is healing - not great that it will be at least another 6 weeks before anything is done if the healing process doesn't complete on its own...very frustrating for Mum because it is limiting her vision so much.

5. Found some Yankee Candle tea-lights that I had forgotten I had...the smell whilst they were burning was beautiful.

6. Decided to take my Distress Markers and some images to work with me so that I could try and fit in a bit of colouring during my lunch break - I actually got to have a whole 30 min break without anyone disturbing me...yipeeeeee!!!

However, they say that all good things must come to an end and today has certainly been a doozy.

Just 15 mins into my train journey to work we were about to leave a station on route...the doors closed but we didn't move. We sat and waited...and waited...and waited...20 mins later the driver apologises for the delay but would let us know when he had more information...then we waited...

This particular station has 3 platforms and several passengers thinking that there might be a problem with the train decided to go and get on the train sitting on the other London bound platform...slight problem...the doors were locked - no-one could get off. No explanations, no-one telling us what was going on - the occasional tanoy saying we were being held at a red light. Lots of walking up and down the platform on the part of the driver and some of the station staff - but details as to why the train was sitting there or why the doors were locked. A few folk were starting to get a bit panicky about being shut in. A lot of folk were getting angry - especially when they diverted a following train around us.

45 mins later, the doors open and an announcement said that the train was being taken out of service and everyone needed to get off - still no explanations. A further wait for the next train and I arrived extremely late for work - not ideal when your boss is paying a visit.

Not a great start to the day and to be frank with you things didn't improve much. However, that is not the point of this post so I will end on a positive...

7. It is on days like this that I realise just how supportive some of my staff are and how much I can depend on them. Knowing that certain things need doing on a Friday they made a start for me so that everything was running smoothly when I finally arrived - they really are treasures.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what all the delays were about...3 folk decided that they weren't going to pay for tickets and jumped on the train. This prompted a member of staff to have the train locked-down to await the police. An 8 coach train full of commuters delayed for about an hour...the cost of re-routing other services...all for 3 fare-dodgers - there has to be some logic in there somewhere...................................


Joanna said...

How annoying that train non-journey must have been. I don't think I would have reacted well to being locked in either :o(

Onion loaf sounds yum scrum. I was interested to read about your Distress Markers - are they worth the price? What colours did you get? What do you do with yours?

I LOVE Yankee candles, the have such gorgeous scents, which with an elderly dog, cat and 2 teenagers is ESSENTIAL, lol!!

Have a great weekend,


Virginia said...

Oh hun, firstly don't apologise if you can't play along every week, there is no pre-requisite on this, it's play along if you fancy and you have the time and it doesn't have to be a Friday either. Just join in when you fancy, however, it is lovely to see another post from you, I'm glad that you have a great staff team although feel extremely grumpy over the 3 fare dodgers - how crazy is that! No wonder people were getting a bit edgy. However on with the positives glad you managed to do some colouring during a lunch break, glad you enjoyed some time away from work as well. Isn't it great when you find something you forgot you'd got and then put it into use, I have yet to find a yankee candle that I love I've tried a few and liked but not loved - you'll have to let me know which one it was. The onion loaf sounds yummy. Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead. Hugs

Sabrina said...

Good for you for remaining positive in a very trying week. The train situation especially. When will people understand that common sense must sometimes prevail over protocol? Absolutely infuriating.

I hope you keep popping in on Fridays, it's so fun to have more people to follow along with. I'm a little scatty as to when in the week I post, but I'm trying to stick with it (the girls are so great in this group!).

Love and fun for the week ahead.

Sarah said...

hiya, glad to see you back again, don't worry we all miss a post every now and then. Well, apart from Virginia but she is super efficient and all :)

Train delays, stressful!! Good to hear that your staff clubbed together to cover for you while you were stuck on the train

and your onion loaf sounds delicious!

Hope you have a good week and that the trains behave :)

sutty said...

OOo what a day locked on a train! Surely there was a better way of capturing them!

The yankee candles sound yummy and I like the idea of getting some crafting done in your lunch break :D

Carmen said...

The logic of some people and the cost like you say. Grr. I would've hated being locked in, my brain would've been jumping to all sorts of scary conclusions.

But otherwise, yay to your staff and spending time with your Mum :)

Great to see you taking part again, don't worry about missing weeks or being late (I am rarely on time!)

Have a lovely week :)

Allison said...

I do looove an onion loaf too
sounds like a horrendous train journey and I agree we seem to wish the weeks away and the weekends fly by