Thursday, 23 August 2012

About time too...

...I thought they were never going to get going.

With only a handful of days before the opening ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics...I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that the corporate advertisers were not going to celebrate our Paralympians as they had done our Olympic Team GB.

As the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) pulled into Stratford station this is the sight I saw...
...the first thing I did when I got into the office was take this pic. Ellie Simmonds (our double gold swimmer in Beijing) is gradually appearing on the office block above Westfield and her image will overlook the Olympic Park. Hopefully Friday will see the image completed and I'll get the full photo and post it for you all to see.

I was out & about again this lunchtime. It was undies the other day - today I needed a new watch and we have a market stall on the 'old' side of Stratford that always has a good selection at very reasonable prices (cheaper than paying for replacement batteries or new straps).

Just a little further along from the market stalls there is a large paved area that has a number of individual titanium trees dotted about.
Where as the 'trees' on the station side of Stratford have their foliage face on, these have it sat on the top...
...I think it makes them look more like mushrooms **giggle**
This is the view back towards the market stalls and as you can see...there is plenty of bunting and banners to brighten the place up.

The G4S security folk in their green uniforms (ASDA escapees) are far more visible around Stratford and this is probably because they have less venues to cover for the Paralympic games. Metropolitan police are everywhere instead of the usual Community officers and I've never seen so many street sweepers and cleaners about.

Fingers crossed things will really start to pick up now.......................

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Virginia said...

Fingers crossed indeed, I've been waiting with trepidation to see if anything appears on that building, so glad something is finally moving on it - like you said about time too!

Can't wait to see it completed!