Monday, 20 August 2012


...from the Latin; Agito - meaning "I move".

London is changing her party clothes ready for the Paralympics.

In the run-up to the Olympic games the City and all the Olympic sites were sporting the International Olympic logo - the five rings.
Even Tower Bridge proudly showed off this adornment to all. However, the Olympics are now over and we are starting to see the appearance of the new Paralympic symbol - The Agitos.
From 19 August, Tower Bridge has exchanged the "Rings" for the "Agitos"...each of the three agito are a different colour - Red/Green/Blue - it would appear that these three colours are the most commonly used colours on the national flags of the countries taking part.

As if eager not to be left out...
...the view from my office has changed too. The rings have disappeared from the Aquatic Centre and the new symbol has taken centre stage.

Things seem to have been a little slower to 'build' for the Paralympics but there are small, subtle changes starting to show. With just over a week to go until the opening ceremony there is a more restrained type of excitement starting to make itself felt.

We had a fabulous Olympics but now it's the turn of our amazing Paralympians - "Here's to Extraordinary".............................

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Carmen said...

Oh but I am glad that they are starting a build up :) Though I never would have realised that was the sign of the Paralympics I have to admit!