Friday, 24 August 2012

Rocking Your World Friday... here again.

It's that time of the week when a small group of lovely folk take a look back at their week and then go and share the positives/good things over at Virginia's blog.

I have to admit that I had to dig a bit deeper this week.

With being back at work, Saturday & Sunday took on their normal routine of sorting out anything Mum needed doing and the weekly catch-up on the household chores.

Monday finally arrived and Mum had the laser treatment on her far everything seems to have gone well. With luck it won't be too long before she can start attending her local jewellery classes again - she has certainly missed them.

Tuesday was very busy at work but I ventured over to the Westfield centre in my lunch break. Although it was a bit of a shock to spend so much I did come back with some lovely undies that will keep me going for a while.

Wednesday I submitted my advanced entry to the new CDAC Progressive challenge that is due to start shortly - I had some lovely comments from the organiser of the challenge. As soon as I've been given the green light I'll share the pics with you. I also went to lunch with a was lovely to escape from work for a short while and just chat & catch-up.

Thursday and at last a Paralympic image started to appear on the office block above Westfields. A colleague who was a volunteer for the Olympic games showed me some photos he had taken of various athletes that he was lucky enough to meet - they have been asked not to share pictures on any social media sites until after London 2012 (Olympic & Paralympic) has finished...but he has promised to let me have some then so I can share them with you all **happy dance**. I can tell you now, he has some fabulous photos.

Friday has arrived and as promised I said I would let you see a photo of the office block image...
...I tried to get a shot from the staircase by the station but as you can see - it's not a very good angle.

So once again, as soon as I had dumped my bag at my desk I was over to the window for this shot...
...still not quite finished but you can now clearly see that it is Ellie.

I now have a lovely 3-day weekend ahead of me (even if the forecast isn't great) so I wish you all a lovely weekend...why not hop over to Virginia's blog and perhaps visit some of the other 'Rockettes' to see what has been rocking their worlds and if you feel so inclined, why not share your positives from this week.................


scrappyjen said...

Great photos. Glad surgery has gone well. Fingers crossed mam gets back to jewellery classes asap. Enjoy the bank holiday - so it rains, so what! At least we are not at work! Happy weekend. Jenx

Virginia said...

Oh fabulous to see how things are progressing. Fingers crossed that your Mum has a super quick recovery and is back at her jewellery class in no time. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead (despite the weather forecast) and enjoy the long weekend.


voodoo vixen said...

I do hope your Mum has seen the end of her eye problems and is able to start making her jewellery again soon! Love the shots from your office, must be lovely to be so close to all the excitement!!

Sam said...

Love your photos! Hope your mums eye heals quickly from her operation.
Have a great week x

Joanna said...

Underwear is SO expensive, isn't it?! I really must get some more but there never seems to be a good time to splash out (and it always seems to be a good time to splash out on arting materials!!).

LOVE that huge image of Ellie, I'll be cheering loudly for her. I can't wait for it to all start (we're going up to the Wheelchair Basketball).

Sending Get Well Soon wishes to your Mum :)

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend,


Carmen said...

Am so late commenting - am so sorry - where does the time go?

You do make me smile, I envisage you at that office window always snapping away - what do your co-workers make of it? Or are they just the same?

Good news about your Mum - hope she's back at those classes very soon!

Hope this week has been good and you wont have to dig so deep - I'll be back (and not so late!) for that post ;)