Wednesday, 22 August 2012


...from a different view.

I do not like the Westfield Centre - despite the range of retailers located there it is an uncomfortable place to visit. The walkways inside are not as wide as they could have been so with the addition of the retail plots down the middle it always feels very crowded and claustrophobic. As a result, in the year (almost) that it has been open I have been there little more than a handful of times.

However, there is a big M&S store there so yesterday I ventured over in my lunch break. Took advantage of the M&S sale to stock up on some new undies - still managed to make a big dent in my purse **serious groan** - but boy was I in & out of there in double quick time LOL

It has been a while since I last went over there (the day my camera decided to 'give up the ghost') and it was before all the Games decorations went up around the place.

Here are some photos looking back toward Stratford from the shopping centre...
Two of the three tower blocks with Gillett advertising can be seen 'face-on' from this view and the one to the left is where the BBC presenter box was located on the roof. You can still see the box in this pic but it is in the process of being dismantled.
The lower part of this photo shows the decorated barriers that visitors to the Olympic Park follow and at the top of the photo you can just make out the top of my building - just above the roof of the Station.
The foot bridge that links the Bus & Rail stations to Westfield looks like a rusty version of the Tyne bridge (on a smaller scale) when seen from the outside but at the moment the inside is a colourful mass of Coca-Cola advertising.
However, amongst the adverting is a fabulous display of pictures from the torch relay and other events that took place in the run-up to the Olympic games.

Unfortunately, despite the appearance of the Agitos on the Aquatic Centre there is still very little evidence of the forthcoming Paralympics.........................

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Allison said...

you just reminded me that I am in need of new undies too