Friday, 10 August 2012

What's Rocking...

...your World this Friday?

If you are wondering what I'm on about just hop over to visit Virginia. Each week a small group of folk gather over at Virginia's blog to share the positives from their week - why not drop by and take a might get you thinking and you might even want to join in.
So what has been rocking my world this week...

Who could ignore the Olympics - haven't Team GB done us proud and WOW; what a way for Sir Chris Hoy to bow out - our best ever Olympian. It would have been a crime if the BBC hadn't provided 'wall to wall' coverage - after all, they are the 'face' of British broadcasting and they have provided us with views of all the amazing achievements that have contributed to this Games...after the super opening ceremony I have already booked my seat on the sofa for the closing event on Sunday. The whole event has been up-lifting - even Mum who had bemoaned the coming of the Games to the UK..."what a waste of money...the country could have put all that money to better use..." has been caught up with the excitement and has been tuning in to see how things were going.

Yay for delivery men. The two lovely guys who brought my new washing machine and installed it without moaning where it was to be located - not the most easily accessible of places (was the original coal cupboard for the house when it was built in 1912 and as it was originally accessed direct from the outside it has a bit of a nasty step). They took the old one away and installed the new in next to no time so although the delivery time hadn't been ideal I was able to get away by 13.30 ish so wasn't left hanging around all day.

Three cheers for working washing machines. The poor machine probably doen't know what has hit it (okay, I know it's a machine but you get the gist LOL) it arrived Wednesday and it has been used every excuse; I need to try out the different functions. Well you do; don't you!

Weather. Yep we have had alsorts this week but on the whole, down here in the Southeast the weather has been nowhere near the horrid conditions forecast...I mean; tourists expect a bit of rain when they come to the UK.

Learning a new skill. When it comes to crafting I always love learning something new and I have been enjoying making chords from my Kumihimo disk which I have now started turning into jewellery. My friend Helen asked me what I am going to do with the jewellery which brings me back to the age old problem of 'if I sell it, what do I charge?' - but I'm not letting this be a downer, this is a positive post so folks...answers on a postcard please **giggle**.

Spending time with Mum. Although I spend weekends with Mum, normally this is to sort out household chores that she can't manage or to take her shopping. This last fortnight has been far more relaxed and we have gone for drives, stopped for lunch and just generally pottered about.

Mail. No I'm not talking about the usual bills/statements. Whilst typing this post my postie has just delivered the cutest little 'Clarity Stamp' Christmas tree stamp. Last year I was lucky enough to win a year's subscription to the Clarity Club and each month since I have looked forward to recieving a new stamp on or around the
10th. I have to say that this is probably my favourite so far.

Well, the sun is shining so I think I'm going to go and make the most of it as it is back to work in Stratford on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone and I'd love to know what's rocking your world at the moment..............................


Virginia said...

Ah Toni a beautiful post. Lots of Olympics positives, loving the time with your Mum and a new washing machine and yes we do have to try out all the cycles just in case LOL!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and work on Monday isn't too bad


laurie said...

wow - you fit a lot of good stuff into a week! :) yes, a washing machine is such a blessing, never to be taken for granted. have a wonderful weekend watching the rest of the olympics.

Joanna said...

As Laurie says, WOW! So many positives from your week. Isn't it funny how we're all commenting about the washing machine?! We use them so much and just assume they'll work - when they pack up it's a DISASTER! I'm glad you've been able to spend some relaxing time with you Mum :)

Enjoy your weekend - we're supposed to be having a sunny one again!


Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Ya Toni,
I too have been watching the Olympics this year, usually I only would watch a few events but this year I've really been keeping up on it all. So exciting as is your new washing machine. LOL. We women do get excited over the simplest of things don't we!
Can't wait to see your new jewelry.
Hugs Lynn

Sam said...

Lovely list of positives. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the olympics! Glad your new washing machine was installed for you, have fun trying out all the buttons!
Have a great week x

Carmen said...

As someone who has had to keep turning the water off this week due to a leak, I can fully understand your glee at a new washing machine :)

I'm afraid I was like you Mum when it came to the Olympics but I have also been caught up in it and throughly enjoyed it - I'm even looking forward to the Paralympics rather than moaning about MORE sport - what a turn around eh? How fantastic it's been to see positive 'celebrities' rather than all the reality TV people.

I can fully understand how you feel about your time with your Mum. We used to be the same, every Sunday we'd be down there doing the housework/gardening she couldn't manage and cooking dinner but our days out were so special. How I miss them.

Have a lovely week Toni x

Richard Norman said...

Hello Misteejay

I stumbled across your blog.

Always a pleasure seeing another crafter getting pleasure from what they do.

Your cards are more sophisticated than anything I have done.

I sometimes make my own Christmas cards, I make lino cuts and print them on my old hand press.

I do quite a lot of gilding, but I am primarily a bookbinder,some of your cards are like small books with complicated covers.

Do you ever use simple 3 hole sewing to join several pages together? It could be sewn with ribbon.

I run a site devoted to craft bookbinding, there are a lot of free bookbinding manuals which may interest you.

Come on over if you have a moment.

Good luck to us all.