Friday, 3 August 2012

It's WRYWF...


See what happens when you are late posting - another Friday appears out of nowhere LOL
For anyone who doesn't know what Rocking your World Friday is all about - a lovely group of folk gather over at Virginia's blog to share the positives from their week.

I'm not sure whether I mentioned that I had come 2nd in the Bugaboo "Christmas in July" event (I know I said that I'd won a set of the Tropical Santas).

Here are some snippits of some of the cards I made during the event...

...So in addition to the Santas I also had $30 to spend in their 'store'.

After posting last week's WRYWF item I settled down to a lovely browse (well it would have been lovely if the PC hadn't continued its 'go slow') and I had such a hard time picking images as there were so many that I fell in love with...from cute to funny and back again.

Several hours later...I had 10 lovely images in my 'basket' but noticed I had only spent $15 - numpty here had forgotten that there was a 50% off sale for the whole of July - so back I went to add in some of the images that had been discarded during the selection process. I ended up with 20 fabulous images and boy did Jodie turn the order around quickly. Yeh I know it's all done electronically but someone still has to press the buttons etc. - most impressed.

I now have loads more images to play with.

I've spent most of this week either with Mum or just catching up with friends, things I don't get to do very often. There hasn't been a lot of papercrafting going on but I have certainly built up a bundle of chords/braids and hopefully the end caps will be arriving at Mum's by the weekend so I can make them into jewellery.

Off to Mum's again shortly so I'll pop back later to link-up with Virginia and catch up with the other 'Rockettes'.

Why not have a think about your own week and see what positives there have been - I think you will be surprised at how many there have been. Have a great weekend everyone...............................


Virginia said...

Oh Toni the images coloured in are fabulous and how great to have a browse through images and receive them immediately ready to make a start. Glad you are enjoying your break from work!

Debbie said...

It's lovely to hear about the positives in your week - in my blog I always seem to be moaning about something! But I can think of plenty of positive things now, so thanks for sharing yours!

Debbie x

Julia Dunnit said...

Nice positives TJ, how nice that youre spending time with your Mum. Mine has recently been hit with dementia and so now more than ever, I'm really enjoying our time together.

voodoo vixen said...

I am always in awe of your coloured images... it must take ages to do them in such detail!! I'm glad I popped by, I needed someone to remind me to look at the positives... I've had a trying day but now I can see that it doesn't get me anywhere getting cross when stuff goes wrong. Thank you.

Sam said...

Beautiful cards and well done to you for winning some lovely goodies!Lovely positives x
Hope you have a great week x

Sarah said...

congrats on your win (and the good timing of the 50% off sale :) )

hope the Olympics aren't causing you too much in the way of traffic and hassle....

have a great week!

Joanna said...

I'm laughing at the Tropical Santa ;D

How wonderful to get ALL those images, WTG!

Hope you had fun with your Mum and have had a chance to get started on your jewellry making.

I'm not joining in with WRYWF (kinda missed it) but I'll do a bumper post this Friday :)