Sunday, 19 August 2012

WRYWF is here again...

...and I'm late...again!

Good job Virginia is not strict about these things - after all, the whole idea is to take some 'time-out' to have a look back at the week and find the positives...even if at first glance there do not seem to be any.
If this is your first visit here and you don't know what I'm going on about...a group of lovely folk pop over to Virginia's blog each week to share the good things that have happened. You would be surprised at how up-lifting this can be especially if your week hasn't been too great.

Well where do I start?

It was back to work on Monday - not an obvious positive after having two fabulous weeks off to potter about as I wanted and spend some quality time with Mum but surprisingly there were not as many problems to return to as I had anticipated...or perhaps I had taken on-board some very positive advice about not worrying about what happened whilst I wasn't there as it was outside of my control...whichever way you look at it there were no major problems and the gripes were quickly addressed and sorted.

After the excitement and the 'hype' surrounding the Olympics things are feeling a little 'flat', especially in Stratford. Although there are still a lot of folk visiting the area there isn't the buzz that there was in the run-up to the Olympics. This was making me sad and quite annoyed as everything for the Olympics had been 'out there' and very much 'in your face' but there seemed to be little, if anything, to build up to the Paralympics. I think the crunch came when the massive image over the Westfield centre of some of the Olympic champions was removed and although we anticipated it being replaced by an image of our Paralympic champions - this hasn't happened. However, I can hear you all saying "why is this on a 'Rocking' post?" - I'll tell you why...Channel 4 who have the broadcasting rights for the Paralympics have confirmed that they will be providing over 400 hours of coverage across their main channels and associated networks. This Para-games will be the most widely covered...ever (I should think so too). Having friends & family who are wheelchair sports folk I've seen up close what it takes to participate in sports that many folk assume only the able-bodies can do. So this increased coverage is rocking my world at the moment.
This is just one of our 'stars' for the Paralympics and I'll certainly be cheering him on.

I'm also pleased to hear that this Paralympics is a technical 'sell-out' - the first time this has fabulous is that.

Although I've not managed much crafting this week, what with being back at work and such. I have been getting myself a bit more organised so that I can...
...I now have a lovely set of matching storage boxes and I'm in the process of sorting out all my jewellery stash.

I did manage to do some knitting...mug hugs which I can't show you at the moment because the lovely Paula (Happysnappy) has asked for the pics for one of her forthcoming decluttering posts **happy grin** and I have an advanced copy of a digi image for the new round of the CDAC Progressive challenges which is due to start...again, I can't show you as I've been asked not to.

Hope you have all had a good week and hope the coming one will be fab too......................................


voodoo vixen said...

So glad that the paraolympics is getting it due attention, nice that it is happening whilst in good ole GB!! Congrats on the mug hugs bein shown, hope you put a link up when it goes live!!

Joanna said...

We're going up to the Paralympics - the wheelchair basketball, and we're really looking forward to it :) Did you see the Channel 4 billboard advert for the Paralympics? It simply said, "Thanks for the warm up"!

Mug hugs sound so cute!

I hope work continues to be problem-free,


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, I must say you were in my mind during the Olympics, I wondered what the actual event would be like after the years of stuff you've put up with! Paralympics vv exciting for us too, although disappointed not have tickets..again!! Hey Ho, C4 better do me proud!!

Sam said...

Sounds like you had a lovely 2 weeks off. x
Glad you enjoyed the olympics and were right at the heart of it!
Have a great week x

Carmen said...

I've been loving the Channel 4 adverts for the Paralympics - some of them on their own have had me a bit teary eyed... and wincing - the basketball ones look very full on! I'll definitely be watching but you're right - they should be getting the same 'on street' advertising.

Have a great week :D

Virginia said...

Oh I wondered how things would be fairing in your part of the world given the end of the Olympics but I'm sad to hear that they aren't replacing the images with some of the Paraolympians however, hurray for Channel 4 to be providing coverage during the paraolympics let's hope the technical sell out is an actual sell out on the day - will watch with interest!

Glad work wasn't too evil when you returned, can't say the same for mine LOL.

Hope you are having a fabulous week.

Much love

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thank you so much for the pictures and the instructions. I can finally understand how the mug hugs are done!:D Lovely examples and very clear instructions.