Monday, 6 August 2012

From scraps... something special.

As someone who does crochet and knitting I always have 'leftover' yarns. These leftovers are rarely enough to make much out of but I never want to throw them away as they might be handy for embellishing my the heap grows.

Sound familiar?

I'm sure whatever craft you pursue there are scraps that you hoard but never quite get around to using.

Paula (Happysnappy) has been taking a look at "Decluttering" and apart from the obvious - CHUCK IT OUT - she has been coming up with crafting solutions.

My recent addiction to Kumihimo chord/braid making has given me an opportunity to use some of my yarns in a more creative way.

So from this...
...a bundle of leftover cotton yarn.
Via this... Kumihimo disk.
I now have this...
...bracelet and necklace set. Okay, so I needed some findings but I had the chains (taken off necklaces that were too long) so in effect I have actually used up two different lots of 'leftovers'.
I found these charms whilst out shopping with Mum. They give just the right finishing touch.

So go on, take a look at all those scraps/leftovers that you are hoarding and see if you can come up with something. I'm pretty chuffed with this set - hope you like it too.........................................


Jules said...

These are gorgeous Toni! They look really professional :D

Debbie said...

Well you know what I'm like with paper scraps! You've done a fab job turning those bits of yarn into something lovely!

Debbie x

Sue said...

They are lovely!

CLaire said...

They are amazing... do you make to sell... if so... could you let me know... as I know someone who would LOVE a set... they are gorgeous

Emy said...

Lovely necklace. What a great skill to learn.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Wooooow! Your decluttering is really stylish and elegant! No surprise there as all your work is. :)
So glad to read my projects have been useful for you. *beam*