Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I got a bargain...

...and I wasn't even trying.

My washing machine decided to 'die' a while back but I haven't had the chance to go out and sort things until now (the joy of being off work for two weeks). Weekends are busy for me and I can't take time off during the week just at the drop of a hat.

So last week I searched the web and visited a few electrical stores and decided to go with a model from the store where those lovely blue aliens shop.

The machine I chose was showing on-line as £260 complete with delivery/installation/recycle old machine - I couldn't belive what some places were charging for these services and many won't install. At the time of purchase I was advised that there might be a substitution for a newer model (I had seen this in the small print and was quite happy as either machine would do what I required). Order placed 1 Aug 2012.

I have to say the delivery arrangements didn't go as smoothly as I would have hoped. No phonecall came by the 4th as promised so I had to phone them. I had been told that I could specify 'am' or 'pm' but was told on the phone that the manufacturers didn't offer that service - they send a text 24 hours (approx) before the agreed delivery date to advise of the 3hr delivery window. The text arrived informing me that my 'window' was Noon - 3pm............grr. What an inconvenient time but I couldn't afford to say no as I needed delivery sorted before I return to work next week.

The truck arrived at 13.10 and I have to say the guys were very quick and accommodating so I finally have my new washing machine.
The title of this post mentions a bargain...well...I checked the website for details of the machine that I had ordered and the one that I received just so that I could compare the functions (only small differences) but boy did I get a shock over the prices.

A week ago the price of the machine that I ordered (and paid for) was £260 and the possible substitute was shown as £270 - today if I went and ordered the same thing I would have had to have paid £290 (a £30 increase)and get this...the substitute (which is what I received) is now £320 - boy am I glad I went last week.

So for my £260 I have actually got a machine that today would have cost me £60 more and as what I've received is a better machine I think I got a real bargain.

You don't realise how much you rely on a washing machine until it stops working. Mum has been great and I've been taking my washing over there each week when I visit but it has been a real pain...I've got to Mum's only to realise I've left a pile of stuff behind (on more than one occasion)...and there is nothing to beat the convenience of being able to bung stuff in the machine as & when.

So at the moment, I'm a happy bunny.................................

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Vicky said...

Sweetie I couldnt be without my washer I have to change Natalies bedding on a daily basis cus she is sick a lot & nappy leAKAGES ETC I brought a new one last year I needed a bigger 1 so got a 11kg one & its fab I also got a warranty where you pay each month & it covers it for life & if it cant be fixed then you get a brand new one to the price you paid. So I wil never need a new washer again woo hoo lol. Only problem was cus of the big washer I ended up having to get a bigger drier :0( typical lol.
Well done on your bargain shug.
Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx