Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Style... you know what yours is?

I've seen a number of craft articles lately that have considered this and to be honest the more I think about it the more I'm convinced that I don't have one...well not a specific one.

My crafting could be considered eclectic (that's probably putting it kindly LOL).

I'm very easily influenced by things I see & like.

The hand-coloured images and lots of blooms/embellies (quite Bev Rochester-ish), clean and simple (something along the lines of "Less is more"), Shabby chic (influenced by Kerryanne English) or grunge...sort of in a "Tim Holtz" kinda way although I don't think I've ever quite achieved his 'look'.

There are so many crafters out there who produce work that I love and when you add to this all the wonderful products that keep hitting the stores, I find it very difficult to concentrate on just one style.

I love to play...I want to try it all. Sometimes I find a style/technique that I enjoy and use a lot - other times I find that something just isn't for me. The fact that I dabble in so many different crafts probably doesn't help as subconciously I attribute certain 'styles' to certain crafts.

Is it important that you develope a style of your own?

I don't know...but I don't think it is something that I will worry too much about because at the end of the day I think it is just as important to enjoy what you are doing. It would be interesting to hear what other folk think about this...

Whilst we are on the subject of 'style' - we Brits certainly put our own slant on things as far as London 2012 is concerned and I hope that we can keep the momentum going for our fabulous Paralympic athletes.
This building belongs to the Newham local authority and the decoration on the front of the building is what folk see as they approach Stratford from the direction of Bow and Central London (the outline sports figures have been used on lots of things throughout the area).
As you continue into the town you start to see more indications that this is an Olympic town. Some of the large images that decorated building have been removed and we are presuming that this is to make way for images of our paralympians.
The pretty planting is still providing a wonderful display and is a further welcome to those folk arriving in the area for the next round of Games starting on 29th August.
Visitors to the Games that have just finished have commented on how friendly & helpful everyone was and you can see from the signage in Stratford station that every effort was made to try and ensure that folk knew where they needed to go.

However, if you are looking for something that really shows we Brits have style...
...we have even put up signs to show folk which way they need to go for Rio LOL..........................


teacakemake said...

I'm not sure what my style might be. It doesn't bother me, all that matters is that it's mine :)

scrappyjen said...

My style is "chuck it all on the page and see what happens"! Thanks for visiting me. I love my charms. I have my eye on a cute little camera...jenx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i'm living this tour thru you. how fun!

hugs :)

Kim Dellow said...

Yeah, I haven't worked out what my style is either. I've come to the conclusion that I'm either still waiting to discover my 'voice' and / or my voice is just a love of all styles!

I keep seeing things saying that it is important to have a recognisable look, something that someone will go that's a 'Toni Johnson piece'. But does that mean that you have to stick to one style? I'm hoping not, I just love too many things to stick to one style!

So we have our own style - the multi-style team!
Have a fun weekend.

Carmen said...

Oh I'm so with you on the eclectic-ness and being easily swayed by other crafts. I think I am coming to realise that I am a grungy style and I like loose painting etc. But still when I see ultra realistic drawing and painting I start hyperventilating and wanting to do it. I am slowly, slowly coming to realise that if I want to be good at anything I can't keep trying EVERYTHING. And so, I am finally admitting to myself that maybe crochet and knitting I will never ever get the hang of and maybe I should just support other hand crafters in that area. Same as I am coming to realise that I'd love to dabble in painting with acrylics and watercolours in a loose, grungy, abstract style more than anything else... so leave the ultra realism to those that can do it better. Also I am slowly realising that MY style of art journalling is more sketchy than those you usually see - those beautiful jam packed full of colour pieces you see on blogs. But that's ok. It's OK to admire others work as long as you realise you can be different at the same time... am I even making sense? *g* I do sometimes have to keep reminding myself of all this though!

Have really loved seeing the Olympics through a locals eyes. We have virtually escaped it here in Kent.