Tuesday, 4 January 2011

What is it they say... should never 'assume' - because you make an Ass out of You & Me.

After raiding my button supplies for the mug hugs that I had knitted I thought I would pop out and get a few novelty buttons - after all, you see them everywhere...don't you???

Well you might see "buttons" in most craft outlets but they are not really when is a button not a button - when it is a fancy plastic shape but there is no means of stitching it to something.

So after a considerable amount of driving, wandering around craftstores (such a hardship LOL) and paying a visit to the one remaining knitting shop in our area - I have come to the conclusion that you shouldn't assume that because it says 'buttons' on the pack...buttons is what you is gonna get (hurumff).

I found some lovely assorted packs of Christmas 'buttons' in the sale section of HC but upon closer inspection they were all flatbacked and there were no holes anywhere - so not really buttons after all.

I have been successful in finding a small selection of proper buttons but even these packs have a few items that can only be stuck-on...great for papercrafts but naff for knitting.

I'm off now to grab a coffee and park myself on the sofa with my knitting needles - I predict a few more Mug Hugs are on the way LOL.....................


Lou said...

Your mug hugs are very cute. I did send my mum Helens link in a non-so-subtle-hint kinda way but her reply was that I should learn to knit myself. Humph!

Ruthie said...

Oh thats daft - how can they call them buttons???? Have you tried John Lewis at Bluewater? Might be worth a try.


Winnie said...

That's no good! I agree though, too many "buttons" out there without any means of attachment! Have you tried some haberdashery stores? Online is always a good backup I find!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

good luck with the button hunt, and watch the price (as some can be v.expensive). I know what you mean about the craft buttons and real buttons.