Sunday, 22 May 2011


...the Winter blues.

Yesterday was the most glorious day here weatherwise so I was in a happy mood. I also thought it was a good opportunity to buy some bits to brighten up the kitchen - add a bit of freshness & zing to chase away all thoughts of the dull, dark winter we have had. This wasn't just a whim to go out spending...honest...I really did need a new washing up bowl and a washing basket. So on the way back from Barleylands I stopped in at Matalan as I remembered seeing some new colourful kitchen stuff in there a couple of weeks ago.

Now you all know that I love aqua & isn't that colour LOL

To be honest, I love aqua & teal but to me they are bathroom or bedroom colours - so what did I get...LIME.
My kitchen is peachy cream & dark wood so I thought this would 'go' (I've had dark green in the past but I didn't want to go that route again).

Yesterday I came home with...a washing up bowl, a washing up brush, a utensil/sink tidy, a kitchen towel post and a mug tree...and no washing basket. Another trip back there today this time with Mum (she can be a bad influence - I'll say no more) and I now have a washing basket, a bucket and a waste caddy...I would have had a new waste bin too but they were out of the lime ones **purse sighed with relief**

One of the main reasons for taking Mum out today is that she has finally decided to join the computer age - we went to get her a laptop. She has signed-up for some classes at her local library and the man from Virgin media installs her broadband tomorrow - no holding her once she decides on something LOL

She is now the proud owner of a very nice Packard Bell laptop and I have to say the staff in PC World could not have been more helpful...they have even pre-set it so that everything is a bit bigger for her on the screen. She is one very happy little bunny.

Well after all that retail therapy we had to go and celebrate at the Harvester - ooooooooooooooo that Rocky Horror Sundae was smashing.............................

EDT: Yes Kristy, this is the same Grandma who can't send a text - I cleared the memory on her phone today of 11 unopened messages LOL.


Allison said...

looks a lovely colour to brighten up the kitchen

Mrs Elmo said...

Grandma has purchased a laptop!?!?!?!?!?! Haha are we talking about the same grandma who has yet to learn how to send a text haha

Debsg said...

I love Matalan homeware. You made a good choice.

The Crafty Elf said...

Wonderful kitchen accessories, they're lovely! My mom is 78 and loves her laptop. She got it a year ago and she hasn't looked back since.

Winnie said...

Wow, a spending spree! LOL Love the new goodies and hope they brighten up your kitchen. Good luck to your mum on joining the computer age!

Anonymous said...

Great colour for summer! Would like to hope the good weather stays but the clouds are looking rather dark where I am! Becky x