Friday, 6 May 2011

Oh so very...


It has been one of those weeks where there has seemed to be so much to do...probably because it was a short week due to the Bank Holiday...whatever the reason I am feeling very tired. rest tomorrow as I'm up early to collect my niece for her last visit to her Grandma before returning to Germany.

I don't suppose this has been helped very much by spending a frustrating evening trying to access my blog-list because Blogger didn't want to play nice.

One thing on top of another means that I haven't completed anything crafty this evening (I have a Kenny K image coloured) and have no inclination to do anything.

If I toddle off to bed shortly I might be in a better frame of mind tomorrow. Night, night folks................................


Virginia said...

Ah hun - there's nothing worse when you want to craft and can't for whatever reason and blogger not playing is never fun - I usually turn the PC off and go and do something else - which would appear to be what you've done this morning - fingers crossed it's playing ball this morning!

Ruthie said...

Ooooo I know that feeling! So glad you posted this - thought it was just something I was doing wrong in blogger!