Monday, 9 May 2011

Okay, this is where you all...

...yell, scream and throw things at me.


Because you always do when I mention how many days there are until Christmas (if you didn't's 230...LOL).

I got these stamps last year but too late to use them for Christmas so just stamped up a couple of sheets and added them to my colouring folder.
I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with these images - whether to use them individually or together.
I went for a pretty traditional colour scheme here and will probably keep this colourway going on the card when I get around to it.
The fluffy bits on both images will be 'attacked' with stickles once I know where I'm going with all this.

**is it safe to come out from behind the sofa now???**.....................


Lynn Stevens said...

EEEkkkk look at you already getting ready for Christmas. LOL
great job on the coloring!
hugs Lynn

Virginia said...

All I can say is how late are you - LOL - I finished my Christmas cards back in February and had cushions thrown at me from all directions, what people don't seem to understand is that my cards are better when I don't have time pressures so creating Christmas cards in February has no stress attached! I love the images - gorgeous and the colour scheme you've used!

sutty said...

I bought some Christmas stamps earlier on this year too...yours are lovely, beautiful colouring too :)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

nothing wrong with being ahead, will be here all t o soon the speed the year is going so far. Great colouring btw

Claire said...

Love the stamps..Where are they from?? what are they called...I WANT them... Your colouring is amazing.. Love the images, and thanks for the help, I have managed to get sorted out
claire x

Claireliz said...

I'm hiding behind the sofa & not coming out until New Year :D Lovely cards, you're far too organised!!!

My simple life said...

Dont worry everyone can yell at me too. alreayd bought a few christmas gifts. lol. Love the images. :)

Linda said...

How cute, love the colouring.

Kerryanne English said...

Love, love, love your Tilda colourings Toni. Never to early for Christmas... I've already got customers asking when will I be releasing my Chrismtas patterns. Usually it is in early June but I haven't even started them yet - where has this year gone?
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Love the Tilda with fir one (yes, I´m reading backwards again and saw the answer first ;) ), so girly.