Thursday, 26 May 2011

Here comes...

...the weekend.

This week has been very heavy going at work so I am really glad that I have a days leave tomorrow - making a lovely 4 day weekend...Yipee!!!

Tomorrow I go to pick up my new set of Copic pens - I can't wait to play with the additional colours and see how they help the shading situation (I did buy one of the new E shades to play with whilst I was waiting for my set to arrive and it has made skin tones easier to blend).

The weather certainly took a turn for the worst today - boy did it rain...perhaps only to be expected as it is Bank Holiday weekend coming up after all. Just hope things improve otherwise the Southend air show is likely to be cut short.
With Mum living on Canvey Island she is under the flight path of most of the planes taking part so every year she gets a free show - so much nicer than battling with all the crowds down at the seafront. Fingers crossed the weather improves.

There will probably be a bit of driving around this weekend but all in a good cause - we'll be checking out a new car.

Hope you all have a super weekend lined up......................


Kerryanne English said...

Hope the weather improves for your long weekend Toni.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Ruthie said...

Hiya Toni

I remember going to the airshow with Josh in his buggy - he slept through the whole thing! Even the afterburners (and you know how loud they are when they head out to sea and blast the land!).

My dad used to belong to the Canvey Island Yacht Club - he was a vice commodore there - we had our wedding reception in their clubhouse! Just such a tiny world!

Have a fabby weekend hun - hope the car is a success!


Allison said...

have a good long weekend

Debbie said...

Enjoy your weekend Toni!

Debbie x

Bubbles said...

Oooh... new car, eh! Hope you find the perfect one :)
I can remember as a really young girl (oh so many years ago now *lol*) going on holiday to WestBay, and seeing the Red Arrows flying overhead... I loved it!