Monday, 28 November 2011

I am trying...

...yes, I can hear you - I know I can be very trying LOL

I'm actually referring to my attempts to catch up with commenting on all the wonderful blogs that I follow - I am sorry if I've missed some and apologise for arriving like a London bus (nothing for ages then 3, or more, all at once) on others.

Home PC really isn't very well so I am trying to catch up from Mum's laptop and my work PC when I can - I think I've managed to visit just about everyone but there are some sites I can't comment on from my work PC - sorry.

Hope everything is going well with preparations for Christmas and another sorry from me for those of you I've scared silly with my very visable 'countdown' **giggle** I'm afraid I need it as a boot up the backside to try and keep me on track with everything for the holidays......................


Claire said...

Nice to hear from you...but sorry your PC is not well...that's is not good just before Christmas..
I LOVE your countdown.... cos it is keeping me on track to moving..
not long to go and I WILL be playing with new things..and also in a craft room that been equipped for years.. Paul's mum's collection of toys is at least 15 years !!!
Child in toy shop springs to

The Crafty Elf said...

Technology is wonderful WHEN IT WORKS! LOL It's difficult at the best of times to keep up with comments and especially this time of year! No worries!