Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Just over a year to go...

...before the 2012 Olympics hit the UK.

Working in Stratford, East London - we seem to have been surrounded by dirt, mud and building works for what seems like forever. We have tried for over a year now to get our team on one of the tours of the Olympic site but despite working for HM QEII we are not considered to be a priority as we are not some big corporation who could be pursuded to invest in the area nor are we a bunch of school children being encouraged to take an interest in this event.

Today we finally got to have a closer look at the construction work that has been going on around us. After our team meeting a group of us hopped onto the Docklands Light Railway to go and visit "The View Tube" near Pudding Mill Lane Station (just one stop away from the office).
This was the first thing we saw as we approached the walkway to the 'Tube' - The Olympic Stadium. You can just make out one of the tour buses going past...full of children.
Because of the lovely weather it was quite busy and it made it difficult getting a pic of our group with the stadium in the background as there were so many folk wanting to walk by. This was the best I could manage.
There are lots of information boards dotted along the walk from the station to the 'Tube' but it was a bit disappointing to see that the information hadn't been updated...much of it related to progress that had been made during 2008 & 2009.
The view from the upper platform in the 'Tube' showed an area of wooden art that has been placed as part of the landscapping that is starting to take place. This view was also back towards our office but we couldn't actually locate it due to all the new buildings that have shot up.
This view is of the road system that is being constructed to link the Olympic site to Stratford Town centre.
The red construction to the right of the photo is part of the support of something called the Orbital Platform...not sure exactly what that is supposed to be. To the left of the photo is the basketball court & velodrome...way, way back in the distance.
According to the artist impressions of the area this canal that runs by the stadium will look really lovely once all the landscaping is complete...looks pretty dire at the moment...

I'm not sure I'm gonna want to be anywhere near the Olympic site during the event as Straford is a nightmare during the rush-hour, let alone when the thousands of tourists swamp the area next year. Still, today was a lovely sunny, warm day (no coat - yipee!!) and we got out of the office to see something that will be drawing the attention of the world to this part of London for months to come.

For some strange reason, it would appear that the one thing I didn't take a photo of was the "View Tube" doh! Strange building made from storage containers (like you see in the docks) and painted a bright limey colour. Downstairs is a cafe...the bacon bagettes are super yummy...and upstairs is the viewing platform and a classroom for the school parties. A very interesting way to spend our lunchbreak..................


voodoo vixen said...

I can imagine that the building and mess would be a pain in the butt but from the other viewpoint, you have a unique experience of watching it grow and develop in front of you, so glad you managed to get a closer look!!

Winnie said...

That's great you can see the site develop, and I agree, being so close to it come Olympics time will be a hassle. It wasn't so bad here, way back when, but I suppose London will get a lot more tourists than far away Sydney!!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

A great insight into what is happening, and fab photos to record the events. I am still umming and ahhing about whether we should go. THough at the moment tickets are out of our reach

Lynn Stevens said...

Its amazing how much time, energy and $ goes into setting up for the Olympics. I wouldn't want to be near any of it either when it starts. Oh my gosh, can you imagine the traffic. I guss I've been living out in the country too long. LOL
Hugs Lynn

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thank you for taking us with you on a tour! :D