Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What can't I do...

...was the question asked by Sandra when she left a comment about my ceramic brushes.
This made me think...

Well to start with, I can't manipulate photos very well as this pic will show (I cropped it from a photo of a LO that appeared in a post from 2008 as I don't have the original - it's at Mum's). I love this photo of my Granddad and I in his garden. Granddad loved his garden and he spent a lot of time out there although his health meant that things got done very slowly. I remember it being a place full of colour and beautiful flowers and the place where he told me stories about "Wallygumps", glass apples and lots of make-believe things. Although I would follow him around the garden a bit like an adoring puppy I think I was too young to really take onboard what he actually did in the garden...if only I had been a bit older I might have learnt how he worked his magic to create such a lovely space. So whilst I love pretty gardens, I'm not much of a gardener.

DIY is not a strong point with me - I can brandish a paint brush (don't like rollers) and have even been know to hang a few sheets of wallpaper, although not many as 'up a ladder' is not one of my favourite places to be. Change a plug, fuse, light bulb...not a problem. Banging in the odd nail - I'm quite good at. I can manipulate an electric screwdriver - I was the one who put all the kitchen cupboards together ready for installing but drilling isn't something I've plucked up the courage to try. I have also become quite adept at dismantling and relighting the heating boiler (don't they always go wrong when there is no-one around to help).

When it comes to crafts I'll have a go at most things but there are things that I don't particularly like doing or I haven't really tried. Lace making is something I have never ventured into...I tried it at a craft fayre but I'm not sure if I would have the patience to sit and make lengths long enough to be of any use. Pergamano work is beautiful but again, I've watched folk doing it and I'm not sure I would ever get anything finished - it seems to take so long. I'm not a great lover of sitting at a machine - I think having to make all the curtains for this house because they were unusual size windows put me off that so quilting isn't something I dabble in (I have made a few patchwork cushion covers in the past but that is my limit). I've had a go at embroidery, tapestry,ceramic art, watercolours, oilpainting (wasn't very good - certainly no Bob Ross LOL), jewellery but these days I tend to stick to...

Paper crafts; mainly cards & scrapbooking but also the occasional bit of altered stuff. This allows me a huge variety of materials and techniques to play with but the results can be pretty quick. I have to say my Copics (and to some extent my ProMarkers) are probably the things I am most glad to have invested in. As a child I loved colouring-in and these pens have opened up a grown up world of this lovely pass time.

Knitting & Crochet; I love beautiful yarns but tend to stick to things that I can finish quickly...I get bored easily LOL

Sewing; I still dabble in cross stitch and the odd bit of hand sewing but not often as again I don't see the results quickly enough.

So thinking about it, there probably isn't much that I CAN'T's more a case of won't or can't be bothered to do.

Do you realise - I've just told you some more about 'me'...hope I haven't bored you all to tears.....................................

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Debbie said...

Not at all! The whole thing with blogs is to tell your readers about yourself! I can't bake, I wish I could. But I can cook savoury stuff so I think it balances out!

Debbie x